There is so much information coming at us. After reviewing the church building opening requirements from both the Governor’s office and from our Conference (should be out later this week), there is a lot more information coming at us. So much of what we are involved in we have little to no control over, starting with the Corona Virus. It doesn’t have a timeline. It doesn’t care about loved ones. It spreads so easily that we almost cannot control it except through great sacrifice and extraordinary all-community efforts.

So what can we control? What is the simplicity on the far side of all this complexity? My fellow DS, Rev. Alex Joyner, says his one thing is “Don’t forget to wash your hands.” And that is a good one! The governmental authorities have said, up to this point (and in Northern Virginia, maybe a lot longer!) “Stay home and be safe.”

I hear God reminding us, though, that there is a simpler rule that is as true today as it was thousands of years ago. You, beloved of God, are to share God’s love, magnify it to others including yourself! So – do we go out without a mask? What would love do? Do we help feed the hungry? What would love to do? Do we watch out for the vulnerable? What would love do?

When it all gets complex and overwhelming, what is the best loving response we can muster? What would love do?