I’m enjoying our one-on-one meetings this time of year! I love hearing how things are going in your church – the good, the bad, the ugly and the hopeful. Many of you are starting to see some re-growth – not just returnees from pandemic and home church watching, but new people! And many of you are finding traction in programs like small groups, Bible studies, new missions, etc. that you haven’t seen in a few years. There are many signs of hope across our District.

I am a little concerned that some of you are still not taking all your vacation – in this season of ‘back to school’ and new calendars, please take the time to mark out four weeks of vacation, even if it must be moved at a later date. What we don’t plan – likely won’t happen. Even if it needs to be a staycation – take some time away.

 Artabia and I are working on updating our pulpit availability list with phone numbers and email addresses of those who can preach for you, so those of you who need a break from preaching will have no excuses. Remember, between vacation, musical-focused services, special Sundays like laity Sunday and youth Sunday, and visiting speakers and preachers, it is not a bad idea to preach about 40-42 times per year at most. Our people need to hear some diverse voices, and it gives us a rest from the relentless feeling for 52 weeks that “Sunday is coming!”

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming visit with Bishop Sue; we are taking her around our District to show her some of the very cool things we are doing to make disciples and transform the world. We look forward to hearing from her at our clergy meeting as well – please make sure you register as directed in this email.

Know that as your District Superintendent, it is my work to walk alongside your journey in ministry, and provide training, resources, and advice as you go. Although we only have one formal visit one-on-one per year, I am always happy to take a phone call, email, or a zoom visit whenever you feel you need one – just let Artabia know, and she will find us some time.

Know that I pray for blessings on your journey as a pastorthroughout the year, and I look forward to our times together as we learn fromone another. 

See you on the 18th for the Clergy Meeting with Bishop Sue!