We are a new district now, the Northern Virginia District! It’s a time to refresh, a time to re-vision and revise, a time to embrace new opportunities. And a time to honor our legacy of the Alexandria and Arlington Districts. We are rich in talented and dedicated people who bring their gifts and their faith to the work of our churches.

It is such a blessing to join with you in the work we do in our churches and our communities. I serve as your District Lay Leader for the Northern Virginia District, having served as the recent Arlington District Lay Leader. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting all of you!

As we move forward our lay leadership team will reflect the new structure of the Northern Virginia District. The district churches will be clustered into four areas. Each area will have two Associate Lay Leaders, each of whom will have a group of churches to connect with, to maintain communication between the churches and the district and conference offices. They will also meet with the new District Connectors, a pastor in each area designated to help facilitate meeting the needs of the churches and clergy. Once we have those Associate Lay Leaders in place, please reach out to them.

I am committed to exploring the many ways we as Laity of the new Northern Virginia District are and can be in ministry. What are our diverse and unique opportunities to serve? How can we strengthen and utilize programs such as the Lay Servant Ministries and Neighborhood Seminary to meet the needs of our Laity as we shape and lead the work of our churches?

Together we will envision our future as the Northern Virginia District. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories, working and building alongside you. We have exciting possibilities ahead! 

Karen McElfish 

Northern Virginia District Lay Leader