United Methodist Women has a new name: United Women in Faith! With the new name comes a new look, a new brand, and new opportunities.

Through the past 153 years of our history as women of faith putting love into action in mission, we have had over 15 names. In 1972 we became United Methodist Women, after the merger which formed the United Methodist Church, signaling a change in the life of the church and in how women of faith engaged in the world. Now is a time of similar change, a time to take on a new name.

What is not changing is our commitment to put faith, hope and love into action for women, children, and youth around the world. We remain the official women’s organization of the United Methodist Church. We still gather for Christian fellowship, prayer, support, and study. We raise up women leaders and commit to action for justice and service.

Our structures of local church units, and district and conference teams and events remain, but there are new ways to be members of United Women in Faith, such as joining at the national level. There are new means of giving, such as targeted giving to projects and programs. There are new ways to nurture current members and recruit new members, such as Soul Care Retreats. Innovations to Mission Encounter, with scripturally based studies similar for adults, youth, and children, will give new opportunities for transformational education.

We can anticipate many changes to our United Methodist Church in the near future, with churches leaving and new denominations forming. Our new name lets women know they can remain a part of our organization. United Women in Faith is a faith-based organization, enabling women to boldly live our faith and connect to something bigger. Together we act to make the world a better place, locally and globally. We welcome all to join our sisterhood.

I serve as a member of the Program Advisory Board of United Women in Faith. I am happy to answer questions you may have about the new and exciting changes to the organization.

Karen McElfish,
Arlington District Lay Leader