Pastoral Transitions 2022– Leaving Well/Starting Well

Congratulations on your new appointment. We are excited to come alongside you as you transition.

Please use the decision tree to determine the steps on your Clergy Transition path. Find more information about the Transitions process here.

If you have questions or concerns about the process, please contact Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney at




Transitions Workshops: May 3, May 19, and June 11

New Clergy Orientation: July 7 from 10-12

decision tree-- transitions 2022

Register for a Transitions Workshop

Held three times during May and June, this workshop is designed for all: incoming and outgoing pastors of the Bi-District and the respective incoming SPRC chairs.

The 2-hour workshop is structured to allow time for the
clergy and SPRC chairs to meet, hear and discuss pertinent information to ensure that all pastors in the Arlington/Alexandria Districts leave well and are welcomed well.

Please select and register for ONE of the three Transitions Workshops using the buttons below.

The May 3 & 19 sessions will be from 7-9 p.m. and the June 11 session will be from 10 a.m -12 NOON. All sessions will take place over Zoom. Registration is required.

*If I or the incoming SPRC Chair have attended the transitions workshop before, do we need to attend again?
Yes, attendance is required of all incoming pastors. It is ideal for the incoming pastor and SPRC chair to attend the same workshop, but is not a requirement.

*If I am transitioning within the district or the Bi-District do I need to attend?
Yes. Your SPRC chair is also required to attend.

*Do I have to attend all three sessions?
No. Each transitioning pastor and SPRC chair should plan to attend ONE of these workshops. It is preferable for them to attend the same workshop, but that is not required.

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