Northern Virginia District Staff

All staff can be reached via 703-820-7200.

 Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM from the Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday before Memorial Day.

Summer office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 AM – 4 PM, Friday, 8 AM – Noon (Friday before Memorial Day through the Friday before Labor Day).

Our street address is 3600 Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax.

The District Superintendent and the District Administrative Staff are located on the 2nd floor in Suite 210  (up the stairs and to the left); the Program Staff are on the first floor in Suite 1 (behind the stairs and to the left).

district staff at christmas

Staff Email Addresses

Our staff all have email addresses with their name@vaumc[dot]org but we also have two catch-all addresses that will help you direct inquiries if you don’t know who to contact.

Find each staff member’s direct email address below.

Your district staff is here for you. We are excited to partner with Northern Virginia Churches to help and support your ministry.


District Superintendent

Kirk Nave

Kirk Nave

District Superintendent

Kirk Nave serves as the District Superintendent for all churches in the Northern Virginia District. (All churches from the previous Arlington and Alexandria districts are now part of the Northern Virginia District.) He can be reached at


Artabia Campbell-Marshall

Executive Administrator

Contact Artabia for specific requests for meetings with DS Sarah Calvert or calendaring-related questions. She can be reached at

Sarah Allen

District Administrator

Contact Sarah Allen with ALL non-calendar-related administrative information or issues. She will be sure that your inquiry gets to the correct person. Whether you were formerly part of the Alexandria OR Arlington District, please contact Sarah Allen at

Program Staff

Larry Thompson

Director of District Operations

Larry is responsible for the administrative ministries of the Northern Virginia District. He tends to the organizational teams and functions of the district and interfaces with the (soon-to-be hired) District Connectors. Larry is in the office Wednesdays and can be reached at

Michelle Holmes Chaney

Director for Leadership and Church Vitality

Michelle provides resources and training to walk alongside churches in their ministries as well as coordinates the Next Level Innovations project. Michelle works in the office Monday-Thursday and can be found most weekends teaching and preaching in local churches across the districts and conference. She can be reached at

Cynthia Lopynski

Director of Engagement

Cynthia plans and develops training opportunities for clergy and laity across the Districts. Cynthia works part-time and is in the office Tuesday-Thursday. She, too, can be found around the district many nights and weekends at meetings and offering training. Reach Cynthia at

Kim Johnson

Director of Communications

Kim is responsible for our District websites and all print and digital communications as well as our annual Bi-District Training Day. Kim works remotely but is in the office on Wednesdays. She is best reached by email at either or


The Northern Virginia District also works with consultants for church planting.

Consultant, Church Development: Jim Chandler

Coordinator, Church Development: Melissa Dunlap