Small Church Checkup 2.0

November 16, 2019 | Wesley UMC (Vienna)
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Whether you came to Small Church Checkup last February or missed it, you won’t want to miss this half-day workshop.

Kay Kotan, Director of the Center for Vitality Arkansas Conference, returns to lead this workshop which will focus on reviewing the life cycle of the church, developing a signature ministry, appreciating the value of a church self-assessment, developing guest readiness, community connections, and partnerships.

Each church will leave with action steps.

Register for Small Church Checkup 2.0

Registration will be open until NOON on November 12.
The Small Church Checkup costs $15/person (to cover materials and lunch). Bring four team members and receive an additional registration* for free. *All participants must be registered at the same time for this discount to apply. 

Kay Kotan