Real Discipleship Survey

Online access (free). Click for pdf that shows instructions and more.

PAPER COPY  – Here is the Real Discipleship Survey, using a color printer, download and print this 2 page document.

How to use the paper copy of the Real Discipleship Survey:

  1. Turn to the side filled with the multi-colored blocks that are all mixed up. Do NOT read the other side, it will skew your answers!
  2. Each color represents one area of discipleship development. (If you are color blind, use the tiny numbers in the top right to see each category, so instead of looking at all the pinks, look at all the 3s)
  3. Pick one of the colors (blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and orange), and pick one statement that most closely matches your experience of that area of disciple development from that color. Put a check in that box, or circle it.
  4. Repeat for each color, until you have one each of the six colors on the sheet marked in some way.
  5. Turn over, and match your checked box with the boxes on the other side.
  6. Review where your discipleship box is located – exploring, beginning, growing, maturing.  How might you move toward maturing?  And how might you help others do the same?
  7. We have resources for helping individuals and churches with ‘next steps’, and leadership teams, strategic planning teams, etc. might be a part of this as well.  See how your small group, your worshipping community, your leadership team comes out on this survey.

Questions? Contact Michelle Chaney, Bi-District Coordinator for Church Revitalization and Leadership Development.