Mental Health Resources

Clergy– we KNOW that these are difficult times for you and for those to whom you minister. We have compiled some mental health resources to help you continue to navigate this difficult period.


Consider the Employee Assistance Program – The Employee Assistance Program offered through VUMPI provides free, confidential counseling and referral services to help you deal with daily work and life challenges. Available 24 X7 and to family members as well as employees. (Includes four free counseling sessions).

Consider working with a Spiritual Director

A spiritual director will work with you to explore God’s presence and activity in your life. If you are feeling dry, questioning your call, feeling far from God, consider a Spiritual Director. Look here to find a spiritual director or contact Rev. Brian Hardesty-Crouch (214) 587-1810

Note: Arlington District offers funding grants.

Consider joining a clergy peer learning group

Consider meeting with a group of clergy on a regular basis to authentically share how things are going. Consider using a scripture meditation as a jumping off point or simply asking, “How is it with your soul?”
If you’d like to start a group, contact Cynthia Lopynski.

Consider rest

Are you getting enough? Work with your SPRC and your DS to ensure you are taking Sabbath and using all of your allocated vacation. Could you use some extended time off? Talk with them about other leave options such as study leave, sabbaticals, family leave. Look here for details on leave policy. (

Here are some more helpful links:

Coping with Stress During this Season and Beyond

CDC – Managing Stress and Anxiety

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Covid-19 Resource and Information Guide

If you feel like you are struggling, visit MHA to check your symptoms. It’s free, private and anonymous.

A resource from the Presbyterian Mental Health Network

Mental Health and Corona Virus Resources

Struggling to Sleep try this:

Stressed? Anxious? Try these relaxation techniques

Looking for a Daily Meditation?

Spiritual Practices for the Corona Pandemic