Meet Your New DS!

Rev. Dr. Sarah Calvert

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Calvert is transitioning into her role serving as the District Superintendent for both Alexandria and Arlington. As part of that transition, we are offering an opportunity for Alexandria District clergy and laity to get to know Sarah through a process called ‘onboarding’. This process gives participants a chance to offer advice and ask questions for DS Calvert and will be facilitated by the Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster.

Onboarding consists of two pieces, both will take place during the same zoom call on July 29.

Our facilitator will walk attendees through a guided conversation collecting information about the Alexandria District from participants as well as taking questions for Sarah and any concerns about this transition. Sarah will not be present at this session, so questions will not be attributed; the feedback is provided to her at a later time by the facilitator, ensuring anonymity.

After a short break, DS Sarah Calvert will provide answers to the questions received at session 1 and will offer feedback to participants.

Both parts are essential to a successful onboarding process and transition, and we encourage your participation in both clergy (for pastors) or both laity (for church members) sessions.


Onboarding with Clergy (pastors)

Thursday, July 29 at 2:00 p.m.

Onboarding with Laity (church leaders and members)

Thursday, July 29 at 7:00 p.m.

Please note: Initially we had this scheduled for two separate sessions on two separate days. We have canceled the August 3 session. All onboarding will take place on July 29. We plan to record the sessions so that those unable to participate on Thursday have the opportunity to watch the recording. If you have specific questions you would like Sarah Calvert to address, you can email Cynthia Lopynski at the district office.