Summer is here and we are excited to be out and about! Vacations, time at the beach, traveling, all the fun of this time of year. We are thankful that the rate of new COVID-19 cases is dropping, and people are feeling anxious to get back to “normal” activities. But let’s be safe out there.

Love your neighbor – get vaccinated. Not only will you be protected against significant illness due to COVID-19, you are less likely to pass it to someone else, who may not be protected.

Children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated yet. People who are immunocompromised may not be able to receive the vaccine. Let’s share God’s love with them by protecting them. We as people of faith have respected, trusted voices in our communities. We can lead by example. Talk up the vaccine. Encourage friends and family, church members, and neighbors to be vaccinated. Currently, the rate of fully vaccinated people in Arlington District ranges from 49-52% from Arlington to Loudoun. We want that percentage to be much higher, to provide broader protection for our communities. Offer to take someone to a vaccination center.

Identify local vaccine sites in your neighborhood. Share why you got the vaccine. I did because I want to spend time with my granddaughter!

So, roll up your sleeves Arlington District! Love Your Neighbors!

Karen McElfish
Arlington District Lay Leader