The Northern Virginia District Logo

We are SO excited about our new Northern Virginia District Logo. Below you will find information about the logo as well as links to download the logo files to share with your congregations. Please be mindful of our Logo Use Policy

There are eight different versions of the Northern Virginia District Logo. One set has navy text and is designed to use on light backgrounds and the other has white text designed to use on dark backgrounds.

One set has a tagline and the other does not.


It was important to our core team and staff that we really invest time, energy, and resources in this new brand that will represent The Northern Virginia District for years to come– we didn’t just jump in and make a logo, we took the opportunity to rethink how we are presenting ourselves in order to reflect on who we have been, who we are, and who we want to be, in order to showcase the best pieces of ourselves in this visual representation.

Teams from Arlington and Alexandria worked together with a branding agency to help accomplish this daunting task.
We are visually representing ourselves differently, but we remain true to our values and our role here as the United Methodist Church in Northern Virginia.

Our impact can be greater because we are working together in a new way. Your district staff continues to work diligently to support you as you make disciples for the transformation of the world through your churches and ministries.

We are a group of many different people from 106 different churches with many different experiences, lifestyles, influences, etc., but what brings us together as a collaborative community is the cross—we wanted that at the center because that is what is at the heart of who we are and what we do—making disciples for the transformation of the world at the church level.

The rest of the logo is centered around how the district supports that work at the church level and how our churches do the work in the world. The arrows pointing in represent the effort and energy that we put into supporting our churches, our clergy, and our laity and that you as the church put into supporting your congregations, communities and neighborhoods. Those arrows point to the cross, the center, our center.

You will also notice there is space around the cross radiating outward. Those beams of light represent the faith that is growing and the fruit that comes from the good work of you as the United Methodist church here in Northern Virginia.

There are also four quadrants representing the four regions of our new District. As we get bigger we will also get smaller, helping churches—clergy and laity—partner together geographically to share resources and do ministry in this new COVID-affected world.

We are SO excited about our new logo and all that it represents and we are SO excited to continue forward as The Northern Virginia District.

As you share this logo with your congregations, we hope that you will focus on:

  • the cross, as it is our center,
  • the support that we give to you and you give to your communities,
  • the beams of light radiating from the cross representing the ministry at work in Northern Virginia,
  • and the four quadrants to note that even as we become larger, we are committed to staying connected and partnering regionally to do this important work.

Our logo represents so much, all of it working together, to support YOU as you make disciples for the transformation of the world.

We contracted with the Randall Branding Agency to create this new logo. 

If you have questions about the creation of the logo or about the logo use policy please email