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Laity is a fancy way of saying every who is not clergy. Clergy is everyone who has been ordained or entrusted officially with pastoral duties. Lay people carry out the ministry of hospitality, children and youth ministry, outreach, music and so much more.

In the United Methodist tradition laity are partners in ministry with clergy. They are trusted to provide leadership, be deployed in service in the community, and even preach.

The Northern Virginia District is committed to equipping and empowering laity. We do this both by working with local churches and by providing resourcing at the District level.

Resources for NoVa District Laity

District Lay Leadership

District Lay Leader: Karen McElfish

Associate Lay Leaders:

  • Tom Feeney (North)
  • Eileen Fraedrich (South)
  • John Meeuwissen (West)

Additional Associate Lay Leaders will be announced soon.

Find Your Region

All Northern Virginia Churches have been grouped into one of four regions. As we get bigger, we also get smaller to stay connected.