“Later the Lord chose 72 other followers and sent them out two by two to every town and village where he was about to go”

Luke 10:1


Jesus did not select disciples, he selected “followers”. He gave them instructions and sent them on their way. He told them to look for people of peace, to heal the sick, and to tell people about God’s kingdom.

Go! Is a new innovation that will transform Northern Virginia. It is an initiative focused on building relationships and creating community. It is an equipping and training experience that will prepare you to have life-altering conversations.

Beginning in September 2024, a group of travelers will embark on a journey. They will not travel alone. They will meet with others who are experimenting with building community. They will have coaches who will walk with them. They will experiment, innovate, meet new people, and change the landscape of Northern Virginia.

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Go! Begins in September of 2024.