“Later the Lord chose 72 other followers and sent them out two by two to every town and village where he was about to go”

Luke 10:1


About Go!

Jesus did not select disciples, he selected “followers”. He gave them instructions and sent them on their way. He told them to look for people of peace, to heal the sick, and to tell people about God’s kingdom.

Go! Is a new innovation that will transform Northern Virginia. It is an initiative focused on building relationships and creating community. It is an equipping and training experience that will prepare you to have life-altering conversations.

Beginning in August 23,  2024, a group of travelers will embark on a journey. They will not travel alone. They will meet with others who are experimenting with building community. They will have coaches who will walk with them. They will experiment, innovate, meet new people, and change the landscape of Northern Virginia.


More About GO!

The video below offers an introduction to GO!

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Featured Practitioners

We are SO excited to be guided by these incredible practitioners as we take this journey together.

Meet the Team

Rev. Dr. William T. Chaney Jr.

Rev. Dr. William T. Chaney Jr.

Chaney Coaching Group

Rev. Dr. William T. Chaney Jr. has coached pastors, business owners, leadership teams, and lay leaders since 2005. William is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is also a CliftonStrengths Certified Coach, a CliftonStrengths Discovery Course Trainer, an Employee Engagement Champion, and a Builder Profile 10 Coach with Gallup. William serves as the managing partner of the Chaney Coaching Group.    MORE

Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey

Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey

Director of Missional Church Initiatives, West Ohio

Sue Nilson Kibbey, author, ordained elder and adjunct faculty member at United Theological Seminary. She currently serves on the West Ohio Conference’s executive staff as the Director of Missional Church Initiatives. Sue notes that “my greatest passion is ‘Breakthrough Prayer.” Sue will explain breakthrough prayer and how to invite God into this process.

Rev. Dr. Katie Phillips

Rev. Dr. Katie Phillips

Vine Church Pastor; Improv Comedian

Rev. Dr. Katie Phillips, ordained elder in the UMC, lead pastor of Vine Church, and improv comedian. Katie is a practitioner of “Fresh Expressions” of worship including Improv Church, ImBiblers, and more. She believes in the power of story to transform our understanding of God and one another – drawing us closer to both. Katie will help participants develop their storytelling skills.

Rev. Luke Edwards

Rev. Luke Edwards

Associate Director of Church Development, Western North Carolina

Luke Edwards, author, United Methodist minister, and Associate Director of Church Development for the Western North Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Luke facilitates the listening church website. Luke says, “
the most important lesson I’ve learned is that healthy ministry begins with deep listening.” Luke will help participants develop practices of deep listening.

Go! Begins in August of 2024.

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Go! Schedule

6:30-9 p.m.
William Chaney Kick-Off – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Lunch Meeting
Sue Nilson Kibbey Breakthrough Prayer
6:30-9 p.m.
Katie Phillips Telling Your Stories
Lunch Meeting
Luke Edwards Listening To God