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In March, the Bi-District announced the creation of the Do No Harm Workgroup, made up of Clergy and laity focused on learning and information around the issues of race, ethnicity and culture. The Workgroup is divided into four areas, led by a task force charged with developing training, education and information for the churches of the Bi-District.

The force areas are:

  1. Race, racism, and social justice
  2. Inclusion, diversity, equity, access (I.D.E.A)
  3. Cultural competence and cultural humility
  4. Cross-racial /cross-cultural (CC/CR) ministry

Cross-Racial Cross-Cultural Ministry Training

Are you currently serving in a Cross-Racial Cross-Cultural (CR/CC) appointment? Do you have a staff person, paid or volunteer, who is Cross-Cultural or Cross-Racial? Maybe a leader serving as a committee chair or leading a ministry? If you answered yes to any of the questions, consider inviting your staff and lay leadership to this District Training.

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As the Do No Harm Workgroup began their work, the first area of focus will be the cross-racial and cross-racial ministry. Cross-racial and cross-cultural (CR/CC) appointments are appointments of clergypersons to congregations in which the majority of their constituents are different from the clergyperson’s own racial/ethnic and cultural background.

We are extending this definition to include staff and lay leadership. As our communities become increasingly diverse and as churches begin the work of moving from mono-cultural to multi-cultural, it is important that our churches have the training, tools, and resources they need. These resources are offered to all churches but are required for some churches.

The Train-the-trainer format will allow the clergy and leadership of the church to be able to train their own congregations in ways that are contextual, develop policies and procedures for CR/CC ministry, and develop a system for annual training and development. Every church will be trained by the end of 2022.

If you have questions or would like to be a facilitator for CR/CC ministry, please contact Michelle Holmes Chaney,

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