Called District Conference

February 18 at 2:00 p.m.
The District Conference will meet for the purpose of receiving and acting upon a recommendation/s concerning the NOVA District parsonage. A task group of the Administrative Team will present a report with a recommendation/s and concept as to moving forward in a timely manner so to be ready as NOVA DS leadership transitions in June.  REGISTER
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District Conference was recorded. You can find that recording here.

Book of Reports

Find the 2023 Book of Reports HERE.

Members At-Large

The Northern Virginia District elected 105 Members At-Large on November 4. We have listed the elected members below. Those who were on the ballot but do not appear on this list will be our alternates and will be called upon in order of election to fill any vacant spots.

Members At Large as elected on November 4

Cynthia Amos, Aldersgate UMC

Deb Angerman, Haymarket Church

Travis  Angerman, Haymarket Church, (Young Adult)

Brian Bachrach, Christ Church

Marty Bickford, Saint John’s

Tom Bradley, Saint Stephen’s UMC

Deborah Broomall, Bethel UMC (Woodbridge)

Pat Brown, St. Thomas UMC

Larry Burke, Christ Church

Judith (Judy) Butler, Christ Crossman

John Carter, Fairfax UMC

Shirley Cauffman, Cherrydale UMC

Julie Chapman, Burke UMC

Kathleen Chapman, Warrenton UMC, (Young Adult)

Joshua Cho, Old Bridge UMC, (Youth)

Brian Christoffersen, Christ Crossman

Nicholas Coletto, Rising Hope Mission Church

Carly Collins, Kingstowne Communion

Gene Cross, Central UMC

Jeanie Cross, Central UMC

John Densham, Provision Church

Patricia Dodson, St. Thomas UMC

Drew East, Community of Faith UMC, (Youth)

Patricia Edwards, Roberts Memorial UMC

Thomas Feeney, Vale

Michael Finegan, Good Shepherd

Elijah Gilliam, Clarendon UMC, (Youth)

Katie Glick, Burke UMC

Hannah Godfrey, Mount Olivet, (Young Adult)

Sean Gray, Centreville UMC, (Young Adult)

Jaydee Hanson, Mount Olivet

Cynthia Hardy, Friendship UMC

Don Harris, Burke UMC

Stephen Heller, Cranford UMC

Kathy Henry, Franconia UMC

Taylor Hoganson, Trinity UMC (Alexandria) (Youth)

Aimee Hong, Christ Crossman

Cynthia Huber, Mount Olivet UMC

Dennis Huff, Christ Crossman

Madeline Hunt, Herndon UMC, (Youth)

Kasi Ivatts, Clarendon UMC

Kim Johnson, Haymarket Church

Jeremiah Johnson, Haymarket Church, (Youth)

Carol Anne Kaye, Pender UMC

Donna Kellam, Sydenstricker UMC

Mary Kleppinger, Sydenstricker UMC

Sarah Korte, Sterling UMC

Mariam Kurtz, Saint Matthew’s

Lester Kurtz, Saint Matthew’s

Lorraine Lappan, Herndon UMC

Steve Larkin, Aldersgate UMC

Jennifer Lee, Korean UMC of Greater Washington

Jesse Lee, Springfield UMC, (Young Adult)

Rex Lovelady, Sydenstricker UMC

Ruth Anne Luckenbaugh, Saint Matthew’s UMC

Whitney Maine, Clarendon UMC, (Young Adult)

Fiona McKinnon, Sydenstricker UMC

Debi (Deborah) McQueen, Sleepy Hollow

Pam Meeuwissen, Christ Church

Amelia Mickelson, Centreville UMC, (Youth)

Christine Miller, Herndon UMC

Lyle Minter, Saint Matthew’s UMC

Kandi Molyneaux, Vale UMC

Joseph Moseray, Lincolnia UMC

Michael Obeng, Cokesbury UMC

Maggie Osborne, Rising Hope Mission Church

Aleksandra Pack, Cranford UMC, (Youth)

Ashley Parker, Trinity UMC (Alexandria)

Donna Parker, Pender UMC

Hannah Porras, Beverley Hills UMC, (Youth)

Micah Shea Porter-Miller, Franconia UMC, (Youth)

Jessica Posey, Franconia UMC, (Youth)

Susan Prokop, Clarendon UMC

Joy Rangel, Centreville UMC

Paula Renfro, St. Thomas UMC

Todd Ringenbach, Arlington Temple UMC

Lorilei (Lori) Roberts, Springfield UMC

Darlene Runaldue, Wesley UMC (Vienna)

Jeffery Russell, Sydenstricker UMC

Linda Saldana, Orlean UMC

Ken Scroggie, Oakton UMC

Jennifer Secki Shields, Christ Crossman

Roma Sexson, Fairlington UMC

Wray Sexson, Fairlington UMC

Laura Shelton, Floris UMC

Valerie Shuey, Washington Street UMC

Sarah-Grace Singleton, Cherrydale UMC, (Youth)

Tylee Smith, Wesley UMC (Vienna)

Gregg Snow, St. Stephen’s UMC

Rebecca Spain, Prince of Peace UMC

Lynne Studeman, Trinity UMC (Alexandria)

Joan Talbert, Sterling UMC

Lane Timm, Central UMC

Fran Underwood, Clarendon UMC

Gary West, Saint Paul

Nancy West, Saint Paul

Tyler Williams, Trinity UMC (Alexandria), (Youth)

Liz Williams, Trinity UMC (Alexandria)

Sherah Williams, Springfield UMC

Neal Wise, Trinity UMC (McLean)

Kathi Wise, Trinity UMC (McLean)

Jennifer Woolard, Grace UMC

Mary Wright, Saint Paul UMC

Emmett Norris Wright, Saint Paul UMC

Kimberly Wu, Centreville UMC


Our District Conference Offering will support our partners at Rising Hope Mission Church, Just Neighbors, and Grace Ministries.  GIVE

Technology Required

In order to conduct a hybrid meeting, we need to be able to allow those in the room and those online to vote on the matters of the District Conference. In order to do so, we will ask that all participants bring a cell phone or tablet/device in order to fully participate in the voting. We will be using Mentimeter to take votes on: Conference Secretary, Clergy Compensation, District Nominations, and the Camp Highroad Board. Everyone present at District Conference is eligible to vote for those items. All devices, including IOS/Apple will work.  (You can take a test vote using Mentimeter here:  be sure to test using the device you plan to bring!)

For laity who are eligible to vote for District At-Large Lay Members, we will use the Association Voting platform to select delegates that we have used the past three years. It too will work on all devices. Those who are eligible to vote for at-large members will receive their voting credentials and a link to test that system on Tuesday, October 31.

Rest Assured: we will walk you through these processes step-by-step on November 4 and are happy to work with you to ensure you feel confident to participate fully(Email to set up a time.)



  • Can I share a device? Unfortunately, for the first set of votes using Mentimeter, you will need to be on an individual device. If that is not possible, please email us and let us know.
  • Does my device need cellular service? While it will be extremely helpful for your device to use cell data, wifi will be available at St. Matthew’s.
  • Why can’t we just use paper ballots? Because we are holding the meeting in a hybrid format, the use of technology helps allow both the in-person AND the virtual participants the ability to vote. It also saves on paper, thus caring for our environment, and counts the votes automatically, eliminating the need for additional tellers and personnel.
  • What if I don’t have a device? If you are attending in person and do not have a device to bring, please email us and let us know so that we can see how best to help you participate.
  • Will virtual participants have the ability to ask questions if needed? Yes. We will provide a texting number to the virtual participants. They will be able to text questions if they are needed. Those questions will be answered by staff or presented to the District Conference by a staff person.
  • Can I switch from virtual to in-person OR from in-person to virtual? YES. We do request that if you are moving from in-person to virtual you let us know.
  • How long will this conference take? We anticipate that District Conference will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and will end by Noon.
  • Can I still fill out a nomination form to be on the Member At-Large ballot? YES! We will take LAITY nominations through Wednesday, October 25. You can find that form HERE: Nomination Form The Northern Virginia District can send up to 105 Members At-Large to Annual Conference in June.

We understand that using technology may be difficult for some of our attendees, but we have worked very hard to make sure that the platforms are easy to use and we will provide clear instructions and assistance the day of.