Disciples, Learners, and Influencers

Over the last few months, I’ve focused on all the ‘new’ things that are happening in the Alexandria District – remember, we had 1,331 of them shared during our fall Charge Conferences. And on top of that … we had district increases last year in BOTH Average Worship Attendance and Professions of Faith!! Congratulations to all. But we can’t stay in that mountaintop experience forever, as I pointed out in my last article on being ‘Civil in an Un-Civil World.’ So, I believe it’s time to get back to basics and refocus on our Virginia Conference vision statement – “To be disciples of Jesus Christ who are lifelong learners who influence others to serve.”

So my question and/or challenge this month is: “Are you a disciple, learner and influencer?” I ask this as I reflect on the many and varied opportunities before us, whether through the conference, bi-district, district, or local church; and are we aware of those opportunities and are we taking advantage of them? Let me explain. At some of our more recent opportunities (Charge Conferences, Becoming a Spiritually Vital Leader [Graham Standish], Bi-District Training Day, Anatomy of Peace [Brian Brown], Chat n’ Chew 2.0); I felt we could have had more disciples, learners, and influencers attending and participating. I know – we’re all busy and we have to prioritize.

That’s why I want to help you in your prioritization. If you were to go to our Bi-District website novaumc.org you would find the following major tabs and sub-headings:

See you at the next opportunity and we can all become better disciples, learners, and influencers together!!

John Meeuwissen, Lay Leader