Bi-District Clergy

While we do many things together as a Bi-District, there are some District-Specific items for clergy in Alexandria and Arlington. Use the buttons below to navigate to the correct district for more information. 

Why Clergy Peer Learning Groups?

CPLG Logo- clergy peer learning groups

Being a pastor can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Those who remain joyful and effective over the long haul attest to the power of a community of peers. Community holds us up, challenges us to grow, keeps us anchored to Christ and helps us carry out our calling as a disciple of Christ and a leader in the church. Meeting with a group of peers will sustain and encourage you in ministry and will ultimately lead to vitality in your local church.

How Do Clergy Peer Learning Groups Work?

All clergy should participate in a peer learning group.

  • Groups usually include 5-8 participants.
  • Groups are encouraged to meet at least nine times per year.
    • Groups will meet at the end of the first Clergy Meeting on September 14 to plan future meeting dates and content.
    • Groups could also meet for breakfast before the three additional clergy meetings, and during or after the two Five Talent events.
  • Groups study diverse themes including leadership development, reaching the community, improving prayer life, self-care and many other topics.
  • Each group elects a convener to check in with Cynthia Lopynski, Bi-District Program Coordinator.

Open Clergy Peer Learning Groups 2019/2020

New! Multi-Cultural Learning Lab
Meets:  District Office, 2nd Tuesday, noon, starting in October
Contact: Michelle Holmes Chaney


New! Spiritual Formation (clergywomen)
Meets:  TBD
Contact: Sarah Harrison McQueen


New! Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 Peer Learning Group w/Rev. William T. Chaney Jr.
Meets: Cherrydale UMC, Once a month, 11 am, day TBD
Contact: Elizabeth Foss


New! NoVa Clergywomen Self-Care Group
Location: Rotating homes (and wineries)
Meets: Monthly, TBD
Contact: Michelle Matthews


McLean/Tyson’s Corner
Meets: Nordstrom Café, Tyson’s Corner, 1st Thursday, 11:45 a.m.
Contact: Jim Sprouse


Loudoun/ West Fairfax
Meets: Arcola UMC, day and time TBD
Contact: Chris Reidel


Meets: IHoP, 1st Thursday, 10 a.m.
Contact: Don Jamison

Northern Fairfax: Self Care focus
Meets: Dranesville UMC, one Monday a month
Contact: Bill Heinzman


Meets: Weekly, Silverbrook UMC, Thursdays, 9 am
Contact: Jeff Roberts

South Alexandria/Woodbridge
Meets: Wesley UMC (Alexandria), Monday, noon
Contact: Emmanuel Nkrumah


Merrifield/Falls Church
Meets: Weekly, Silver Diner Merrifield, Thursdays, 11
Contact: James Henry


Korean Pastors
Meets: Monday, Location varies
Contact: Sung Ho Chung


Arlington: Racism focus
Meets: Galloway UMC, 4th Thursday, noon
Contact: James Page

Contact Cynthia Lopynski for more information about Clergy Peer Learning groups. (