2022 Charge Conferences


In 2022, each church, with its own or with a borrowed elder we will send to help, will choose their own charge conference date, will submit one set of standardized forms, and will run its own charge conference. Your date must be chosen by September 15. (To submit your date, please use the form at the bottom of this page.)

All charge conferences must be completed by December 1, 2022.

Welcome to Charge Conference

District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Sarah Calvert offers a greeting and a prayer for your Charge Conference.

Charge Conference Reminders:

  • Charge Conference requires an elder. If your church does not have an ordained elder, one will be provided for you.
  •  Notice about the date, time, and place for charge conference must be provided to your congregation at least 10 days prior and via at least two means of communication.
  • Clergy Compensation Reports must be finalized in EVC by 10 days before your charge conference date.
  • Your church can choose whether Charge Conference is an all-church gathering or will just involve the leaders/admin board/council who are required.
  • DS Sarah Calvert will provide a recorded greeting that you may use during your Charge Conference if you desire.
  • All Charge Conferences* MUST be COMPLETED by December 1, 2022.
  • Charge Conferences may be in person, by Zoom, or a hybrid format of both–whatever works best for your church.
  • All signed Charge Conference documents MUST be turned into the District office no later than 10 days after your charge conference.

*If your church works on a different calendar cycle and you have already done your 2022/2023 Charge Conference you must let Sarah Allen (NoVaAdmin@vaumc.org) know that.

Charge Conference Documents

There are a number of documents that must be turned in to successfully complete your Charge Conference. You can print a checklist of required documents which includes more detailed instructions.

Please note: We are asking for reviewed 2021 financial statements – this can be reviewed by another church that you swap reviews with or an accountant, but it does not need to be a formal CPA level audit if that is not contextual to your financial status. You may need to begin
this work now, so that is why I am mentioning it here. Audit guidelines
are found here: https://doc.vaumc.org/Cabinet/AuditGuidelines.doc

You may get the documents signed however you choose – Sarah Allen has DocuSign if you wish to do the signing digitally but we are assuming you will not need it this year, as small groups can meet and sign things
without any HCT/PRG plans or Executive Orders by the Governor

All documents must be turned in to the District Office 10 days after your charge conference is completedThey should be completed and signed at that time by all required parties except the district superintendent, as she will sign the required forms upon their arrival at the Bi-District office.


Required Documents:

Please note that the Documents Checklist has further instructions and information about these items, including how to get certain forms from EVC–this is simply a quick list for your reference.

  1. Minutes of the Charge Conference
  2. Attendance Form
  3. State of the Church Report
  4. Pastor’s Narrative Report
  5. Continuing Education Report for selected clergy.
  6. Annual Report of the Deacon/Provisional Deacon or Diaconal Minister
  7.  Pastor’s Statistical Report
  8.  Report of the Trustees
  9.  Report of the Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee
  10. Lay Servant Annual Report
  11. Declaration of Candidacy for Ordained Ministry Chrg Conf Recommendation
  12. Non-Appointed Clergy Report
  13. Appointment to Extension Ministry
  14. Additional Reports on Programs and Ministries
  15. Report of United Methodist Women
  16. Report of United Methodist Men
  17. Nominations & Leadership Development Committee Report
  18. Annual Audit – Fund Balance Report for 2021.
  19. Report of the Finance Committee
  20. Treasurer’s Report
  21. Proposed budget for 2023 (if available)
  22. Clergy Compensation Report 2023
  23. Other Business & Adjournment Signature Page (Optional)

You are welcome to include any other documents your church might wish to include – reports on significant activities that connect to your neighbors and larger community are always appreciated.

      If you have questions about Charge Conference or Charge Conference Documents, please contact Sarah Allen, District Administrator.

      Submit Your Charge Conference Date


      Please use this form to submit your charge conference date.