Beloved Discipleship Postponed to January to 2022

At our November District Conference, the Bi-District introduced Beloved Discipleship as a new initiative. Beloved Discipleship (BD) is a development opportunity to help congregations design and implement a contextually relevant discipleship process and executable discipleship plan to grow disciples both in the congregation and in their increasingly diverse communities. In short, it is the intersection of the Beloved Community and the Great Commission. The training sessions for BD were to begin this month.

We held two interest meetings in December and January, and both well attended. While interest in participation was high, there was expressed concern about beginning this month, for a variety of reasons. Given the significant events that have occurred around COVID-19 since the announcement in November, it was the decision of the Bi-District to postpone BD to January 2022.

With the decision has come an opportunity to use this calendar year to share more about Beloved Discipleship, garner more churches’ interest in the initiative and help churches build a discipleship team. This year will feature 4 to 5 workshop/training opportunities to help churches create a viable discipleship ministry team, whether or not the church participates in next year’s cohort. Look for more information and dates in the coming weeks.

Please be sure to check out the Beloved Discipleship page for more information
and details on this leadership development opportunity.