In Spring, 2022 we hope to launch Beloved Discipleship online, in a self-paced course that will cover all the material in Beloved Discipleship over the course of one year.

To say this has been a challenging year is an understatement at best. There is a clear sense, that in the life of the church, this pandemic is having a significant impact, both good and bad, as we continue to seek to be the church and do church. Beloved Discipleship is no exception.

Due to the lackluster attendance at the BD Engagements in September and November, and few applications received, we are canceling Beloved Discipleship scheduled to begin in January 2022. This decision is not a reflection on the interest, but instead on the ability of churches to focus on an intense work like Beloved Discipleship in this particular liminal season. There has been good interest in BD and so the Bi-District is working to respond to that interest, by developing an online platform. To help us in this process of converting the content and learning, we are collaborating with two churches that will pilot the BD content as we develop an online version.

We will keep you posted in early 2022 on developments and timeline. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Holmes Chaney,