In 2021 we will host 4 BELOVED DISCIPLESHIP Engagement Events. Find information about these events below. Registration information is pending.

Discipleship 101 – Biblical, Theological and Methodist Understanding

March 27, 2021

Speaker: Don Jamison, Lead Pastor, Sydenstricker UMC

As United Methodists called to make disciples, our understanding of what discipleship really is varies. This workshop discusses the role of Methodists is in making disciples.

Beloved Discipleship: What does that mean and what does it require me to know?

May 15, 2021

Speaker: Michelle Holmes Chaney, District Staff

Beloved Discipleship is a discipleship training experience designed specifically for churches in Northern Virginia, and seeks to be an opportunity for churches to create the beloved community and develop the body of Christ. This workshop details the Beloved Discipleship training and how your church can participate.

21st Century Discipleship -Moving from Transactional to Relational Engagement

September 25, 2021

Speaker: Daniel Cho, Associate Pastor, Omega Youth Ministry, KUMC-GW

For churches to grow in the 21 st century, shifts in how to connect with people will need to shift. This workshop explores the possibilities and benefits of creating opportunities for relational engagement.

Discipleship Inside & Out: Engaging the community in 2022

November 6, 2021

Speaker: Nilse Furtado-Gillium, Director of Discipleship Development, Clarendon

Discipleship requires engaging the community, but not always in the same way, we engage in church. This workshop explores the ways we can engage the community outside our church and disciple them.