The Arlington District has set aside some special leadership funding that we have available in order to facilitate the use of Spiritual Directors by our clergy. In uncertain and challenging times, we feel that helping clergy receive the benefits of spiritual direction might be valuable to their ongoing leadership.

Why are you offering us these grants?

In looking at how to come alongside the local church and its clergy, especially after General Conference 2019, we heard that a part of the difficulty of this season is a lack of spiritual direction. We believe this grant project might be of assistance in finding the right kind of individualized help for our clergy. This is just one component of our work to help – we have other ideas of how to help, such as continuing work on Clergy Peer Learning Groups, worshipping as clergy together, and continuing to bring the best training and programs we can to help come alongside the local churches and help them become what God is calling them toward.

What kind of grant funds are available?

We will pay ½ of the invoices of an approved Spiritual Director, up to a cap of $1000.00 per clergyperson. The funding will be on a first come, first served basis, and the grant fund has $30,000 available at this time for this purpose.

How long will the grant funding run?

The Spiritual Director Grant Fund will run for as long as this funding is available. If there are outside donations that extend the amount of funding, we will continue to offer to the Arlington clergy as long as those funds last as well.